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Hedrick Smith

What Caused the Populist Earthquake of 2016?

If you’re still puzzling or in shock over the 2016 election, this is a must-watch video. I dig into the roots of the populist mutiny that caused this year’s populist earthquake – a mutiny that has been brewing for three decades in Middle America and that finally exploded, firing the astonishing candidacy of Bernie Sanders as well as Donald Trump’s unexpected sweep in the Republican primaries and his upset win in the general election.

Not since the brash, upstart Andrew Jackson and his Tennessee yahoos toppled President John Quincy Adams in 1828 has America seen such a stunning populist backlash against the political establishment. And the pot of popular discontent will keep boiling unless the nation’s new leaders fix the lopsided inequalities of money and power that divide today’s America. Pretend populism won’t work. The GOP must now deliver for the middle class.

In particular, they must address the Voting Rights issue which is at the heart of many people’s dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. Only by ensuring that everyone has an equal say in our democracy can we hope to move forward together.