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Monthly Archives: October 2016

SuperPACs Hit New Record, Target the Senate

Washington –  SuperPACs in 2016 were  breaking records  once again – close to $1.6 billion raised – but there was a new twist. Instead of putting top priority on the presidential race, SuperPACs, political parties and independent donors poured more money into the battle for control of the Senate – $616 million, plus millions more to be […]

Campaign Reform Moves Closer to the White House

Washington – What got lost in the mudslinging of the second presidential debate and the political uproar over Donald Trump’s bragging about predatory sexism was an important watershed in U.S. political history  – the political reforms that a majority of Americans back in opinion polls gained a first tier advocate moving closer to the White […]

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Sex Toy in the past were thought to be an indication of an unhappy sexual connection. If any of the partners is discovered to be indulging in them, it was thought that she or he is NOT delighted with the sex-related life. One of the partners masturbating was seen as an indication of sexual dissatisfaction. That […]