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What Fires Anger in Grass Roots America?

Washington – If you want to see what fires the grass roots passion for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and the populist rebellion against the U.S corporate and political elite, take a look at the latest case of an American corporation’s gaming the system for handouts and bailouts and then walking out on Uncle Sam and […]

The Price We Pay for Corporate Money in Campaigns

Washington – If you wonder what price we all pay for corporate money flooding political campaigns ($1.7 billion in 2014), see Exhibit A — the attempt by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to exploit legal loopholes and  renounce its U.S. citizenship to become an Irish company and to duck U.S. corporate income taxes. Pfizer made no secret […]

What’s Bugging Wall Street This Spring?

Spring means pollen are in the air. This year, several mischievous species of pollen – the kind of alien economic thought-germs that aggravate the allergies of Wall Street orthodoxy. For starters, Wall Street found itself playing host to Etsy, a so-called Benefit Corporation, an upstart Brooklyn-based artist’s marketplace that strays from the ideology of pure […]